Mission: The preservation and integration of Tibetan Medicine

The cornerstones of Tibetan culture are the systematic development of the sciences of spiritual evolution and physical health. Although both are intertwined, the approaches of preservation, advancement and dissemination differ. The value of Tibetan spiritual practice has received the majority of attention. Tibetan medicine has unmet tremendous potential to preserve Tibetan culture and bring economic benefit to the Tibetan community while being valuable to modern medicine and society.

Our goal of the preservation and continued evolution of Tibetan Medicine will be realized by developing modernized and disseminated Tibetan medicine that is true to tradition and theory but also relevant to modern society, science and commerce. From this vision we can develop a systematic approach to the challenges and hence develop a flexible, comprehensive plan to achieve this vision in collaboration with other people of good will and like intent.


  • Tibetan medicine becomes a leading modern complementary medical modality highly supported by numerous basic science and clinical research studies.
  • A network of clinics, retreats and university research facilities will disseminate treatments and support appropriate research including relevant clinical end-points.
  • The medicinal raw materials will be available from multiple sources including a consistent reliable supply outside of Tibet.
  • Traditional Tibetan therapeutic materials will have obtained drug-like standardization and are protected by modern intellectual property (IP) law ensuring materials that are true to tradition and quality, and the royalties from traditional knowledge benefit the Tibetan community.
  • Modernized Tibetan medical training in the west is standardized and certified, avoiding debasement and usurpation.