Challenge: Tibetan medical education in the West

Tibetan medicine has yet to reach the same exposure in the west that exists for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. A standard of care that is legally and culturally appropriate for practice in the west is needed along with integrative educational programs that reach all health care professionals.


We will develop a program of training for existing Tibetan doctors practicing in the west that includes integration of western concepts of functional medicine and medical research, cultural approaches, legal/regulatory compliance and an appropriate standard of care. We will develop the clinical practice portion of this in conjunction with our initial outcomes based clinical research and retreat projects. The pure research protocols and outcomes will be further developed through our existing MS research projects and others as funded and developed.

We have also seen considerable interest from western allopathic professionals in developing a working understanding of the different theoretical based approaches of Tibetan medicine to understanding illness and practical applications that can be implemented into their existing practice. We will do this through a standard medical continuing education curriculum.